Bidify Newsletter 07/07/2012

Here is the latest Newsletter coming from Bidify:

The Bidsson Auctions are a huge success and we do hope that you are all enjoying the great new items.

Please be sure to share your Bidsson auctions on Facebook as well as sharing your Bidify Site on all social networks.

Consistently sharing Bidsson Auctions on Facebook will grow your business and will continue to grow the Bidsson Customer Base.

Sharing Bidsson Auctions will increase our daily revenue, thus increasing the size of the Leadership Bonus.

Today we have some updates that you should all be aware of:

We no longer have a mandatory account feature.

We now have a Frequent Sale Credit. Frequent sale credits are similar to frequent flyer miles program. Every time a sale takes place in your pay-line we reward you with a 20% Frequent Sale Credit.

Frequent Sale Credits cannot be withdrawn as cash but instead can be used to purchase products in both Bidify and Bidsson.

You can use your Frequent Sale Credits for:

  • Purchasing retail bids to bid at auctions
  • Paying for won auctions
  • Purchasing products at retail price directly from the Bidsson site
  • Paying from your monthly administrative fees in Bidify

We have also added an interactive tool bar located at the bottom of the Bidify Website. Here you can see our latest posts as well as viewing our YouTube Channel and also seeing where our visitors and affiliates are located all over the world.

We have a new presentation in place on the Bidify Website. The new presentation covers the Frequent Sale Credits as well as the new Incentive program. Please make sure all old presentations are removed from the Internet and replaced with the new one. It has a new design as well so you can see right away that it’s the old or new presentation you are watching.

We are sure you will be delighted with the changes and know you will be thrilled with the many new enhancements that the Bidify Nerds are working on.

Until the Next Newsletter, keep doing what you all do so well, Growing your Business and your Brand, both Bidify and Bidsson.

Delivering Massive Success to Everyday People is our Priority!

Best Regards,

Bidify Update 07/07/2012

Bidify Update 2012: Results so far

Results for the leadership bonus payout on your ‘points’ (which you earn when purchasing Sample Bids and giving them away).

Day 01 – Mon: 5.77%
Day 02 – Tue: 2.49%
Day 03 – Wed: 1.84%
Day 04 – Thu: 2.02%
Day 05 – Fri: 2.12%
Day 06 – Sat: 1.71%
Day 07 – Sun: 1.33%
Day 08 – Mon: 1.37%
Day 09 – Tue: 1.61%
Day 10 – Wed: 2.67%
Day 11 – Thu: 2.22%
Day 12 – Fri: 2.51%
Day 13 – Sat: 1.48%
Day 14 – Sun: 1.28%
Day 15 – Mon: 1.60%
Day 16 – Tue: 1.60%
Day 17 – Wed: 1.49%
Day 18 — Thu: 1.32%
Day 19 — Fri: 1.58%

Ave : 2.0%
Ave (not including day 1) : 1.79%

This business has just begun and it is the PERFECT time to get in, even with a small amount of money.  It can be confusing to begin with.

If you need any help – please leave a comment or add me on Skype (username: nicholasblake23) and I will be more than happy to help you earn this kind of return on your money.

Click here for more information.

Bidify Newsletter 04/07/2012

Greetings from Bidify & Bidsson Headquarters,

We hope you are all as excited as we are.
The results from your efforts have been extraordinary.

We are happy to announce that we have increased the customer base in Bidsson to 100K customers, and we are still growing rapidly on a daily basis.

The auctions have been very popular and we will continue to add new and exciting items each and every day as we move forward.

We have successfully auctioned 592 great products since launch and we will be increasing auction volume as new customers engage. Today we put out a wonderful Breitling Watch plus we have started auctioning away rooms for the 7 Day, Bidify Cruise with the Allure Of The Seas, taking place SUN 9/23/2012 – SUN 9/30/2012.

This Cruise will be an unforgettable happening, creating memories that will last for a lifetime.
There are only 100 rooms available and we will put them out on the auction, so make sure you get one! You will also find more information on this Cruise on the Incentive page shortly.

We have a new pay in solution in Bidsson. We are working diligently to implement these solutions in Bidify as well.

Please be sure you are sharing all of our auctions with our social sharing features regularly. This will give viral exposure and can create many new retail customers for you.

Following a few simple daily steps can drastically increase your business:

  • Share your Bidify site with our social sharing features
  • Share all of your individual Bidsson auctions using our social sharing features
  • Use the “invite a Friend” feature in Bidsson located under my account in the dashboard menu
  • Log into BidifyPro and share your Websites, they are ready to go and simple to use and produce great results
  • Be sure to check your qualifications so that you can be receiving daily cash rewards Admin Fee, PV, GV and the required amount of Retail Customers

Bidsson has just begun and the results are beyond expectations.

We know that the future of Bidify and Bidsson will soon take its place as the Top Affiliate Program and Top Global Penny Auction.

Founders Pool
We are working to get the founders pool paid out to all Founders, we will make it happen within a few days.

Keep doing what you do best, Building your business, your brand, both Bidify and Bidsson.

Bringing Massive Success to Everyday People is our Priority!

Best Regards,